Wacky Wavers –  Inflatable Sky Dancers

Would you like to draw attention to your special event or birthday party?

We have a perfect inflatable advertising solution for you… our wacky wavers inflatable sky dancers!

They gyrate, wiggle and dance all at the same time and are visible from up to 350 meters away! With inflatable advertising like this placed outside your special event or birthday party, you can increase foot traffic to your event or quite clearly indicate where your party is and entertain your customers in doing so!

At an impressive 20 ft tall and with a contagious smile, these really are a crowd favourite!

NOTE: Generator is required for events that do not have a power supply within 25 meters.


6 Wacky Wavers to choose from:

  • Blue/Red Arrow Man
  • Blue/Yellow Arrown Man – SALE
  • White/Blue Arrow Chef
  • Green/Blue Clown
  • White/Black Karate Man
  • Red/Black Santa Claus
Wacky Inflatable Hire Perth

To book a Wacky Waver Sky Dancer you can use the Booking Form, phone 0403 243 761 or email sales@bumpnjump.com.au